We have gathered a number of samples, that we have used in our showroom.
Feel free to download for yourself.
We continuously add new samples, so make sure to check in regularly.

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Winebox with Christmas stencils in cardboard

Popcorn boxes and cones, Paper & cardboard

V-cut 60°/45° (H: 48cm, 61,5cm, 75cm) 16mm Sandwich board

V-cut 60°/45° 16mm Sandwich board

Large ping-pong table, 16 mm sandwich board

Small ping-pong table, 16 mm sandwich board

Stool, 16 mm sandwich board

Display for Swedboard with halfcircle shelves

Display for Swedboard with six placeholderss

Lounge chair, 16 mm sandwich board

Desk, 16 mm sandwich board

Floor Display,
16 mm sandwich board

Floor Display,
16 mm sandwich board

Conference furniture,
16 mm sandwich board

Octagon V-cut Hocker, 10 mm sandwich board

Panel chair,
10 mm sandwich board

Christmas Tree, 16 mm sandwich board

Reboard Promo Tent Foam 10 mm

V-cut Christmas Ball Foam

Octagon V-cut Octabox

”Bits & Bobs” Table Display




Eagle Globe

V-Shelf Display, 5mm Palboard or Kapa

Christmas Bowl DiBond + wood

Butterfly Decoration in DiBond

Zünd Survival Kit


Triangle brochure stand

Rombus box

Giveaway box

Wine box

Photoframe 5 mm composite or foam

Puzzles (54/216/486 pcs)

Mousepad (6 designs)

Skateboards plywood

Brochure holder – 4 shelves. 10 mm MDF

Chair 10 mm MDF

Beach Flag

Polyprop box